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Kingstinct builds Apps for Mobile and Web - with engine included. Our Vision is to make the World better through Technology. We do this by creating Great Products and helping our clients create Great Products. We prioritize working with High Impact projects.

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We build apps

We ❤️ React Native, GraphQL, TypeScript and Swift


We build web

We ❤️ React, GraphQL and TypeScript


We build backend

We ❤️ Node.js, GraphQL, TypeScript and MongoDB

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Make your Tasks and Schedule Swipeable, Glanceable and Dealwithable.

Active Insulin

Effortless insulin logger with beautiful visualisations for iOS and Apple Watch.


Task Management App for iOS, Android and the web


Food ordering app for both in-restaurant and take-away


Utför En Svensk Klassiker under året och få belöningar från ICA


Webapp för att snabbt hitta matkassen med snabbast leveranstid

Gothia Cup

The official Gothia Cup App available on iOS and Android

Gothia Innebandy Cup

The official Gothia Innebandy Cup App available on iOS and Android

Partille Cup

The official Partille Cup App available on iOS and Android


Library for react-native enabling access to HealthKit on iOS.


Opinionated ESLint configuratino for react-native and TypeScript


Library for orchestrating in-app messaging in React Native


Want to join the team? Use our GraphQL API to apply for a developer role. For all other roles apply to careers@kingstinct.com

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